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GovCorp Finance

Trusted Private lender

Welcome to GovCorp Finance, we are your private lending financial specialists. Whether you are borrowing or investing, we partner with you to meet your financial needs.

GovCorp Finance are experts in providing you with the funds you need when the banks say “no”. We unlock your equity in a fast-timely manner, offering settlements and urgent approvals from within 24 hours.

  • We combine Knowledge and experience to achieve your desired outcome
  • Providing DIRECT access to private investor funds
  • Proven Results for Exceptional Outcomes
  • Professional Service for commercial clients
  • 22 Years Experience and a Real Focus on Customer Satisfaction

Reasons To Count On Us

Maximum Lending

We have the experience, personnel and resources and can ensure your application is dealt with in a timely manner. GovCorp finance have a proven track record of successful lending and great ROI for investors

Experienced Team

For builders and commercial clients that require additional funding based on equity, GovCorp Finance is the perfect solution, providing fast 24 hour approvals.

Private investors

As an investor, we give you control over your investment. We value our transparency giving you the benefit of understanding where your investment is every step of the way.

Recent Success Settlements

$40M Urgent Rural Settlement

$40M Urgent Rural Settlement, 65% LVR, 12×12 month term, EXPERIENCED LAND DEVELOPER

$8.5m Land Subdivision

$8.5m Land Subdivision, 80%LVR, 12 month term, settled in 2 weeks

$550K Small Land Subdivision

$550K Small Land Subdivision funds used to complete infrastructure works, 75%LVR, 6 month term, settled in 6 days

$4.55m Commercial property

$4.55m Commercial property, urgent refinance required due to potential receivership issues. Settled in 6 days for a 12 months term, 70% LVR.

$300K Urgent Short Term caveat loan

$300K Urgent Short Term caveat loan, 48 hour settlement to payout creditors , commercial property, 55% LVR, desktop val

$800k Short term Second Mortgage

$800k Short term Second Mortgage, used to complete renovation works. 7 days settlement. 80% LVR. Exit is sale of property

We Are There For You

Banks don’t simply lend based on the security of the project; they also want to establish the track record of the people behind the development.

Until you develop a good reputation with the bank and a sound track record in property development, banks will also assess your development team as well as the numerous other requirements including the professionalism of your finance presentation to them.

GovCorp Finance Private Lenders gives you the opportunity to gain access to funds without going through the usual hoops of bank lending.

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